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Besides permanent job opportunities and internship programmes, we also support part-time options for working holiday visa holders interested in Japanese culture and willing to experience life in Japan.

What is a Working Holiday Scheme?

Working Holiday provides an opportunity for young talents to gain first-hand experience living, working abroad, and supporting cross-cultural exchange with the local people. Unlike the regular study abroad visa, the Working Holiday Scheme allows the applicant to take up short-term employment as well as a language school for a better understanding of the culture and language for the duration of the stay.

Working Holiday Project with Find Asia

We have partnerships with Japanese companies and educational institutions to coordinate working holiday programmes for young talents. All of our project partners run their business in Japan, and we are able to arrange work in various industries, including hospitality, F&B, manufacturing, logistics, etc. 

We support both young talents who seek to broaden their horizons in Japan through the Working Holiday Scheme and companies/organizations/individuals who accept the young talents as part-time workers during their stay in Japan.

If you want to know more about this project, please feel free to contact us. 

Work Colleagues
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