GRAB the learning opportunity beyond the classrooms.

EXPLORE Japanese industries and cultures in-depth through comprehensive schedules including exchange sessions with universities and visiting sessions to enterprises, hence broaden students' horizons to better know themselves, and at the same time allow them to make the first step on career planning for the near future.

DISCOVER top universities in Tokyo, not merely a simple campus tour, but also a chance to walk into lectures, libraries, sports facilities and student canteens. Precious chance to have face-to-face communication with university students and exchange students in Japan and experience the learning atmosphere in Japan.

VISIT famous Japanese companies and walk into the real working environment in Japan. Students may see the working attitude of Japanese employees and learn the latest progress in different areas, including technology, environmental protection, transportation, etc.

Each programme could be tailor-made upon the requests of schools and students. Focusing on specific areas, such as STEM, Humanities, General Education, Arts, Physical Education, and Cross-Cultural Communication, and supplemented by travel and sightseeing, students can get to respect and learn Japanese cultures from all perspectives.


Online Programmes

HKU Online Leadership Programme (2022.3)

HKU Online Leadership Programme (2021.8)

HKU Online Leadership Programme (2021.3)

Offline Programmes

HKU -Rikkyo U Intercultural Leadership Programme (2019.3)

HKU Cross-Industry Discovery Tour (2019.3)

Taiwan Joint Culture Exchange Tour (2019.1)

CityU Tokyo Student Leaders Quality Enhancement Programme (2019.1)

Shanghai University Summer Programme at Rikkyo University (2018.6)

HKU Cross-Industry Discovery Tour (2018.3)

CityU Kyoto Student Leaders Quality Enhancement Programme (2018.2)


Avatar 109

While visiting OJI Holdings, we got to meet HKU alumni working there. She shared her working experience in Japan, and we learned a lot in the limited discussion session.

A Third-year Student

From the University of Hong Kong

The visit to Ricoh Japan is more than expected. We walked into the actual workplace of employees and experienced the differences in the working environment between Hong Kong and Japan. It is also amazing seeing how Ricoh Japan improved work efficiency by changing its working environment.

Avatar 86

A Second-year Student

From the City University of Hong Kong

Avatar 86

As a student studying in the Engineering field, the visit to Honda Factory was very impressive. We got to observe the whole automobiles production process. The staff there were passionate and patient to answer all our questions during the visit and was an enlightening session.

A First-year Student

From the National Taiwan University

One week's schedule was just too short, I wish the leadership programme were much longer. I really appreciated the chance to have an intercultural exchange with the Japanese students from Tokai University. It was one of the most meaningful parts of the programme and really enjoyed it!

Avatar 109

 A Third-year Student

From the Shanghai University