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With over 30 years of experience in providing HR consultation and recruitment services, Find Asia is always committed to providing support to multiples of foreign companies developing business in Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries.

We continue to utilize the abundant experiences and solid networks to become the world leader in HR recruitment and staffing.


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Expert in Recruitment Industry in Hong Kong

Our consultants have gained expertise from long years of experience in the human resource business for MNC companies, especially Japanese companies. We are able to provide the latest candidates' information, market information, human resource management, and outsourcing-related knowledge, and most importantly speedy matching of the most suitable candidates based on our clients' needs.


We have established a mutually trusting relationship with not only our clients but also our valuable candidates. Our consultants are delighted to support the candidates' career advancement and to prepare them for better interview performances in all kinds of possible challenges in job searching. 

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Endeavor in Developing Education & Training Services

With professional networking attained from our human resource business, we become strategic partners with a great number of well-known companies and universities in Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries and share long-term visions with them. 


We have successfully organized and coordinated online and offline study tours, leadership programmes, and internship programmes for university students since 2016 and received positive feedback from students with different backgrounds. 

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Bridge of Trust Between Mainland China, Japan and Hong Kong

Our distinct recruitment project “Work in Japan” enables us to play a bridging role between companies in Japan and global talents from top universities in Hong Kong. In 2018, we achieved the No.1 Global Talents Provider in Hong Kong in the “Work in Japan” Project.


The core concept of our services is “Work with Japanese.” With an abundance of experience working with Japanese companies and universities, we make every effort to provide our candidates with opportunities to work with Japanese in Japanese companies and support intercultural programmes and internship programmes for university students from different countries to work with Japanese students.

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